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Meet Claudiu Popa

Along with being one of Canada’s leading cybersecurity and online privacy experts, Claudiu Popa is an exemplary interview subject, an entertaining cyber safety educator, and a dynamic lecturer who brings an amazing and informative attitude, true passion, and abundant character to every event. He is also an entrepreneurial storyteller, an insatiable informavore, a committed cypherpunk, and a wannabe galactic hitchhiker.

Claudiu graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada, where he became the co-founder of the KnowledgeFlow Foundation, a Canadian nonprofit organization focused on cybersafety in the education sector, edtech innovation, and the protection of personal information. Claudiu was previously the Managing Director of the Canadian Cybercrime Information Centre at Seneca College where he led efforts to collect and analyze financial cybercrime information for public awareness and education.

Claudiu has a passion for helping and educating others, especially those in vulnerable sectors. His work at KnowledgeFlow focuses on children, students, seniors, and other individuals who do not currently have a voice in Canada because of antiquated legislation and government bodies without enforcement authority.

An avid collector of important books and unique artifacts, Claudiu enjoys writing the Bad Privacy blog and occasionally recording CyberSecurED podcasts. While he strives to be an exciting and informative public speaker, he truly loves to infect his four curious children (in both senses of the word) with a certain zeal for learning and sharing.

Claudiu is a certified personal trainer and Older Adult Fitness Specialist who, if he likes you, will spontaneously offer to join you for a workout, or simply surprise you with a 3D-printed banana lounger.

As an adjunct professor and lecturer at higher education institutions, Claudiu enjoys preaching the benefits of enterprise privacy and fintech cybersecurity, among other arcane subjects. Some of these topics have also found their way into his published books, topics ranging from information security to cyberfraud research.

Speaking of research, Claudiu leads teams of graduate students from academic institutions on discovery expeditions into the so-called Dark Web, motivating participants to innovate and create new applications for fascinating technologies. Despite being a Computer Science major minted in the last millennium, Claudiu has always been a technologist whose diverse interests span a diversity of subject matter, from the ethical use of monitoring controls in, say, automotive systems, to the creation of risk management systems in financial models.

Tragically afflicted by the malady of bibliomania, Claudiu is an agnotologist and humanist who nevertheless supports as many animal causes as he possibly can. On that topic, he prefers to invest in ethical endeavours and funds that support organizations dedicated to doing good. This hagiographic account has been brought to you by the author, cleverly writing in the third person.

Claudiu Popa

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Claudiu's Reviews

Claudiu is an expert at security and protecting private data. His humour helps ease tension and is invaluable at helping staff members retain privacy principles. I recommend him to any company seeking to improve their awareness around privacy and security.

Manager Human Resources

Security Awareness Products

Claudiu is not only incredibly knowledgeable in IT/Cybersecurity, but is a strategic thinker, educator, writer and leader. An extremely hardworking and motivated professional, he has a proven track record of client solution engagements and has led his own company to profitability and growth. Claudiu brings a wealth of knowledge and skill that is second to none on all of his client engagement.

VP Product Management​


In addition to being a delightful person, Claudiu is a very sharp privacy and security professional whose skills and knowledge helped him achieve high quality results and recognition. I enjoy working with him and look forward to continuing to do so.

Senior Privacy Professional

Risk Management and Compliance

Claudiu's Blog

Claudiu’s musings and meditations on data protection fails, snafus, and oddities are collected in his personal blog, Bad Privacy. From ruminations on phishing scams and the security of online learning, to the role of the radio during WWII and the lure of charismatic social movements, Claudiu aims to enlighten readers as to the complexities of the digital world we live in.

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